EUB-362 Linux ndiswrapper driver Howto



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This howto is for informational purposes only Linux in not a officially supported operation system..


By using the ndiswrapper v1.6 driver in linux you can load the windows driver and bootloader.

These steps worked for us with FC4 i386 on a Compaq M2000 laptop with  A64 cpu they will be different for other distributions and hardware.


You must install the kernel source.

Download build and and install version 1.6 or later of the ndiswrapper  here 

You will need the eub-362 drivers and bootloader files here

install the eub driver with the command

        ndiswrapper -i net5523.inf

plug in your eub-362

        modprobe ndiswrapper

cat /proc/bus/usb/devices  note the vendor id and product id

tell ndiswrapper to use the driver on the eub-362


                                               serial number

        ndiswrapper -d 0cf3:0001:0.01


load the bootloader (put this step into your startup it must be issued each time the eub is inserted)

                                                    vendor id


        load_fw_ar5523 ar5523.bin 0cf3 0002


bind the eub362 to wlan0

        ndiswrapper -d wlan0 net5523


Issue iwconfig command you should now see the eub362 as wlan0 and can configure in the usual way.


Click here for more information and to purchase the EUB-362