Metageek Wi-Spy DBx review with chanalyzer 3.2

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With the release of the DBx Metageek has added 5Ghz support to the Wi-Spy product line.  Wireless networks using 802.11a have been limited to niche markets in the past such as educational, stock trading floor, or medical.   However the key to unlocking the true potential of 802.11n is in dual band access points using both 2.4 and 5.8Ghz.  By bonding the many available 5.8Ghz bands 802.11n can deliver the goods without stepping on existing 802.11bg networks.  So with the Wi-Spy DBx in your toolbox you will be future proof.  You can assure you pick the optimal channels during deployment and help troubleshoot problems after install.  Without a spectrum analyzer you would just be guessing.

Here is a 5Gz spectrum plot showing a VTech 5871 phone using channels the spectrum in the 149 to 161 area.

If we look at the Wi-Fi report you can see the grade on the network is reduced in the area the phone system is using.

Below I have a plot of the EnGenius 600mW 802.11abg access point on channel 40 one of the longest range / highest power802.11a devices on the market.

Below we put the DBx into 2.4Ghz mode we have a ESR-9750G 802.11n router on channel 6 with 40Mhz separation.  You can see that there is only room for one pure 802.11n network in the 2.4Ghz spectrum.


Click here for more information on the Wi-Spy DBx