802.11b Throughput test 2511-CD-PLUS, 5354cb, Orinoco silver

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The following throughput tests were run at close range with a 2511-AP-PRO-PLUS access point 64bit WEP enabled.  Tests were run several times to achieve the best results from each card under low noise conditions.  Results were slightly better on all cards with WEP disabled.  The best performing 802.11b card was the 2511-CD-PLUS the   NL-5354CB-PLUS-ARIES also turned in good results.  The old standby Orinoco silver was the most consistent during testing.   We will run another test with 802.11g compared to 802.11b throughput at more than 200 feet from the access points to show that when distance is involved 802.11b will provide more actual throughput.


2511-CD-PLUS results


NL-5354CB-PLUS-ARIES results


Orinoco silver results