Remote DataCom KABU 800 Review

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In the world of wireless networks access points will inevitably lock up from time to time usually in the middle of the night at a location miles away.

Having to roll a truck simply to power cycle and reset the access point can be a costly proposition. 

Power over Ethernet  is a great way to locate access points in remote locations away from outlets. 

However single port PoE injectors will cause clutter in network closets and make troubleshooting hard.

Remote Datacom has attempted to solve both problems with the KABU Keep Alive Base Unit 800.

Product Details

The KABU 800 is a multi port Ethernet signal monitor and power controller.  It has a 6 port Ethernet switch  with one signal only port marked router. 

All six ports have 48v PoE support and can be controlled individually.  There are also indicator lights for power polarity, link and system functions.

On the back panel there are 2 polarity switches one for ports 1-3 and the other for ports 3-6 using these switches you can power devices conforming to both standards.  

There is a power overide jack for ports 1-3.  If you plug in a 12v or 24v power supply it will provide that voltage to ports 1-3 for non standard PoE devices.

There is also a 110v plug that can be controlled to power cycle a router or other network devices that are not POE compatible.  

There is a standard 110v power connector with no transformer brick required.



The unit has a simple telnet interface allowing for remote control.  Once you log into the unit you can manually enable or disable power to each port including the 110v jack. 

The unit can also be configured to ping the attached devices and cycle power if they do not respond.  You can also ping a remote Internet address and cycle the 110v jack for your modem or router.

Configurations can be saved to flash so the unit will return to the same state if power is lost.

Closing Thoughts

Remote Datacom has designed a flexible device to answer the needs of businesses with remote WLAN deployments.

 The KABU 800 provides a cost effective solution to both power over Ethernet and remote rebooting of network devices.  


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