EnGenius 3220 bridge router configuration.


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We are going to show you how to use a 3220 to connect to a remote access point in 7 easy steps.  This is the perfect configuration for boaters,  rvers and many other mobile applications.  Note: universal wireless repeater is not supported in bridge router mode.


1) set your computer ip address to

2) log into the 3220 at un admin pw admin, click on management, operation mode, choose bridge router and apply changes.



3) click on tcp/ip settings, lan interface make the following changes (the address of the 3220 will now be do not forget this)

4) change your computers ip address back to DHCP for IP and DNS like below.

5) log into, click on tcp/ip, WLAN interface choose DHCP client and attain DNS automatically, apply changes.

6) click on wireless, site survey, refresh, select the AP to connect to and click connect.  (Try and connect to a open AP where under the encrypt column you see NO, if the AP has encryption enabled you must get the key from the owner and enter it under encryption)

7) Click on admin, status tab, notice the WLAN configuration after a few seconds you should have a ip address, subnet and gw populated by the remote router. 


You should now have a Internet connection!  To manage the bridge in the future go to and follow step 6.


You can purchase our marine bridge kit here