Engenius EAP9550 Review


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EAP9550 is a powerful and multi-functioned 11n Access Point

The EAP9550 has 3 operation modes AP, WDS bridge and Universal repeater.  With Universal repeater the EAP9550 can repeat the SSID of any AP in range we tested with BG and N access points and all work.

The EAP9550 has distinct blue LED's they can be disabled via the web interface to not attract attention.

The EAP9550 has a internal MIMO smart antenna from Airgain.  By using the 4dBi smart antenna design the EAP9500 has long range at relatively low transmit power of 18dBm.  The smart antenna provides a optimal signal for indoor coverage.

Smart antennas will determine the location of the client and direct the transmission toward them.   This is done is software on a packet by packet basis so multiple clients can be supported.  By sending the transmission only where it needs to go range and throughput will be increased.


I tested range and throughput with the built in intel5100 wireless chipset.

I was able to maintain a connection with 3 bars of signal 50 feet away with the EAP9550.

The 600mW EAP-3660 had 5 bars of signal in the same location.

The EAP9550 would be ideal for a business that has 802.11n clients deployed and needs to either stream video or move large files around.

For a public venue with mixed clients or if the application is Internet access the 600mW EAP-3660 will provide longer range.


Click here for more information on the EAP9550